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Re: Phil Neville
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:44:46 PM »
How hard is it for the FA to do a modicum of due diligence before offering someone a high profile job like this?

Itís beyond belief in this climate that it doesnít occur to them or their advisers to have a quick search on Twitter or other online media, to see if thereís anything that might want to be considered, or at the very least deleted before the appointment goes public to avoid any scandal.

For those saying how itís not that big a deal, I think youíre having trouble empathising with what it might be like to be a woman with him appointed now as your boss. Itís not the crime of the century, but itís not exactly great, and I donít think itís an unreasonable bar for hiring a man into a role in charge of women to require that they havenít made sexist jokes in public in the past.

We're talking about footballers here.
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