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Author Topic: Eliaquim Mangala signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 7246 times)

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Re: Eliaquim Mangala signs - Confirmed by club
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:51:03 AM »
On a slightly separate note, I think Allardyce (or is it Walsh? I still don't know but at least 2 out 3 of these have a whiff of Allardyce about them) has in fairness done pretty well in this window.

I think our ins and outs were far more thought out with creating a balanced squad in mind. I'd have liked a couple more (creative CM, and a LB in particular but apparently none exist) but perhaps given the mess of the summer less is more in terms of building a squad. Maybe not the best to introduce a plethora of new faces again.

We've tried to address 2 important things in the spine of our team (striker/CB), and have added a goal threat we've been been missing from our wide players.

The Koeman/Walsh debacle this summer introduced more problems that it solved, but I think this one we've done better and have tried to fix the mess created last summer (or before). Or at least, the moves that we have done have made sense (to me). We do need to get better identifying players before they come into the league though clearly, but I'm happy we focusing at least on some of the positions that needed attention. Not rocket science you'd think, but glad we didn't buy 3 more no 10s.

I expect in the summer though an addition to the CM, LB and another striker. I'd also expect some more of the Koeman/Walsh buys to be out the door.
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