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Author Topic: Cenk or Niasse  (Read 13160 times)

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Re: Cenk or Niasse
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I wish we could just fuck off the acclimatisation shite . The furthest point in Europe is about 4 hours these days . For me I would say we need to start creating more before we see Tosun contribute . Maybe the fact that Niasse chases down defenders and create space for Walcott is a short term tactic against certain teams . Certainly you need to press Leicester to stop them wafting it to Vardy and their defence never really got the ball down on the right . Long term we need a creative midfielder . Tosun just has a game we can't cater to at the minute .

Agreed. The daily average and low for January between Istanbul and Liverpool differs by less than one degree celsius. Istanbul also gets more rain and snow.

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