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Author Topic: Cenk or Niasse  (Read 14471 times)

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Re: Cenk or Niasse
« on: February 03, 2018, 04:13:42 PM »
I liked him at spurs deffo and just in general you dont wanna not see your new striker! Hes. Twenty odd million pound man and he plays up front I wanna see him on the pitch bagging goals or at least the midfield setting him up chances before any negativity sets in.

i agree with you wholeheartedly. i just wish the same mentality had been applied to niasse. people slaughtered him before he even went off to hull, even though he had only played a few minutes for us. once the hatred sets in people cant see anything else. the stick niasse gets is completely out of step with the lads talent. hes clearly a baller, just unconventional. im not saying hes a world beater by any stretch but a great squad player imo. drop the hate and give both of them time i reckon. people seem to forget (intentionally i think) that niasse has only played in about 20 games for us. his goal per minute ratio is pretty good. i wish them both well.

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