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Author Topic: [News]Allardyce blames players for Arsenal humiliation  (Read 6188 times)

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Re: [News]Allardyce blames players for Arsenal humiliation
« on: February 05, 2018, 03:52:49 PM »
Wow, can't believe he's singled out Tosun and said he wasn't holding the ball up like he did at besiktas......in his first 1 & 1/2 games, that's why he hasn't been starting!! Also said that he hasn't hit the ground running. Play him then you fucking moron, he can't hit the ground running if he's not playing. He actually did okay basically in the 100 mins he's played for us. Done with Allardyce, fuck him.

This is what baffles me this season; Sandro, Klaassen and now Tosun are not good enough... fucking give them more than 3 games you Thundercunt.
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