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Author Topic: Man Utd target 50m Everton ace  (Read 8087 times)

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Re: Man Utd target 50m Everton ace
« on: February 04, 2018, 07:47:49 PM »
Your right . He is boss at shouting and banging his gloves together . No one should be beyond criticism especially when they make the same mistakes over and over . He has cost us at least 5 goals by pushing the ball straight to an opposing player for starters . Yes he makes some decent saves but then so would anyone given the amount of shots he has had at him . Even the slight deflection caught him out yesterday and he didn't even have to shift his feet as it was nearly straight at him . He flapped plenty against Leicester . Maybe he just needs a few decent defenders in front of him but he is far from free of criticism ( to me anyway ) . Good thing is Mangala can only get better ( when someone paints L and R on the correct boot ) so things could be looking up for him .

All goalkeepers costs teams goals its a very unforgiving position, hes also saved us many times at vital points in games that have enabled us to either go on an win matches or prevent us from being over run and hold onto a draw.

Hes young and imperfect but hes talented and committed and if half the squad showed as much desire as him wed not be such piss weak team that rolls over when the opposition turn up the volume. Hes one of the few success weve had recruitment wise for a while I really cant see the point in bashing him right now while the rest are so poor.
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