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Author Topic: Tom Davies - First Name on the Teamsheet  (Read 7462 times)

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Tom Davies - First Name on the Teamsheet
« on: February 08, 2018, 06:29:19 AM »
Obviously this isn't actually the case because that's Pickford but I don't understand why Koeman took him out of the side and I don't know why he gets jumped on any time he misplaces a few passes.

The reason he misplaces passes is because he tries to drag us up the pitch and make forward passes yet the likes of the EFC Twitteratti will slag him off after a match whilst in the same breath lamenting Scheniderlin for being a crab.

Even the simple things like at 56 seconds in this video

Without trying to turn this into a Schneiderlin slag off, right there he'd have taken an extra touch and passed that into Gana. Davies' first thought is to turn towards the opposition half and play forward ball to Rooney with space to drive into.

I just think many need to accept the type of footballer he is. He's not a Barkley and he's not DM but he's a fairly unique player that certainly isn't championship standard as someone mentioned in the Gana thread.
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