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Author Topic: Tom Davies - First Name on the Teamsheet  (Read 7130 times)

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Re: Tom Davies - First Name on the Teamsheet
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:38:06 PM »
I know you're fan so this isn't aimed at you but what top midfielder was at 19?

This is whatís most annoying.

Nearly every young player has a dip 6/12 months into their career through a combination of things such as drops in adrenaline, confidence; the opposition taking notice of you; increased expectations and attention so flaws / mistakes are highlighted and remembered more.

As long as there are still some signs of quality then this sort of slump is nothing to worry about; yet with people's short term opinions he swings from should go to the WC to championship player. Ridiculous.

In terms of picking him, he was rubbish at the start of the season so there werenít overwhelming arguments to pick him then at all.

But itís obvious that heís part of the only midfield that plays well and given the future benefits of playing him he should certainly be starting most games now.

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