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Author Topic: [News]Allardyce: Tosun can’t cope with cold English weather  (Read 3458 times)

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Re: [News]Allardyce: Tosun can't cope with cold English weather
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:30:21 PM »
Tosun, from the looks of his European goals is a pretty good finisher, possibly the best finisher in our squad (sorry Niasse)

I've never seen Tosun play a whole match, all i've caught is highlights, so i dont know if he is the sort of player to track back and put the defense under pressure (ala Niasse and DCL)

But if he is going to be alone upfront (as part of a 3) Why does he need to track back? He's a finisher, let him be in the position we have bought him for. Every striker doesn't need to track back, why waste time tracking back, then be out of energy when u get the ball, cos you ran back 50 yards..
Also goes for training,, who cares he doesnt put in 100% give the lad some confidence, stick him in the team (preferably someone with him like DCL, who can do the work)
What does Sam want Tosun to do in training? run like a maniac? or get Tosun to understand the long ball game?
Tosun has shown some great touches, he has the vision to create, we need him to play but on his own upfront he's going to be shit.

It sucks that in 'modern football'  every player is supposed to put in a massive shift, we have had players who have not put in a shift all  season and still get picked in the squad.

so why cant he do that to Tosun? or Vlasic? 

One of his last interviews was on building for next season... you cant do that by playin the same players that have continued to under perform.
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