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Author Topic: 7th and more Allardyce or 10th and a new manager?  (Read 7948 times)

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Re: 7th and more Allardyce or 10th and a new manager?
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:49:15 AM »
Giving him an 18 month deal pretty much finished off Moshiri's 'window of opportunity' that he spoke of, it's such a short term option and I don't see extending it as an option either as he's not and never has been a manager for a club with top 6 ambitions and don't mention Bolton it's been a long time since then. He's here for a one last pay day, we clearly didn't want him (allowing for the pursuit of Silva) judging by his comments about not getting a good vibe and the way he spoke before he joined he was neither up nor down about taking the job either. That's been one of the problems for me, I've never believed he wants to be here or is totally committed to it.

Happily get rid in the summer, get a new manager in on 1st June and give everyone a clean slate. I said before that big turnovers of squad in one window never work and I've never liked it and so we've proved it again. Get a new manager in, press the reset button and start the project from the beginning again instead of constantly having to put a plaster over things. We've gone from everyone sitting up and taking notice at the start of the summer to pissing themselves at the mess that's been made since then.

The club top brass didnt want him.
The fans didnt want him.
He didn't feel wanted.
Half the squad don't feel wanted.
The rest of the squad know he's not here long term.

No wonder its not been all sunshine and lollipops.
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