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Author Topic: 7th and more Allardyce or 10th and a new manager?  (Read 8125 times)

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Re: 7th and more Allardyce or 10th and a new manager?
« on: February 16, 2018, 04:35:08 AM »
Like or hate Sam I don't think there is any doubt he will have sorted out a lot of the shit left behind by Koeman.
Whether he stays or whether someone else comes in there will be a clear structure and everyone will be singing off the same hymn sheet. Whether we like that hymn sheet or not doesn't matter because there is something organised to build or to change in an organised fashion.
This forum has been hyper critical of Bill, Moshiri, Elstone,  Walsh, players,  tactics, ground planning, transfer policies and I'm sure you can think of others.
Obviously it comes as a disappointment to some and a satisfaction to others that Sam hasn't sorted it all out in 10 weeks I still bet he leaves us better than he found us.
Again,  not a defence of him, but how do you recruit a top manager when the first 12 months or more of the job is basically shovelling shit left behind by others.
I can't be arsed checking now but how long has it taken Man City to get from where they were when the money arrived to where they are now? With stricter financial rules it will take us that  long and more besides.
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