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Author Topic: Can't argue with this  (Read 3012 times)

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Re: Can't argue with this
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Everything about 84-85 is bittersweet.

What might’ve been, and what should’ve been.

Am I bitter about those cunts across the park?

Fucking right I am.

If we had committed that atrocity we solely would’ve been banned from Europe, sparing the rest of English clubs.
!00% right with that ,the bias was against us even then .Bitter !I am not just stating facts .
I watched nearly all away games as well as all the home games that season .I went to Rotterdam but stayed in Belgium  and then on to Wembley .Some of the lads on the coach weren't sober from when we left until we got home 5 days later -those were the days -all got off the coach ,after getting bladdered in the midlands on the way home ,then into our cars parked in Lower Lane police station!!!

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