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Author Topic: Can't argue with this  (Read 3265 times)

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Re: Can't argue with this
« on: February 17, 2018, 12:01:56 AM »
The worst experience is losing a semi final. At a final you've had the excitement, the build up, the publicity and been part of the occasion.
No one remembers losing semi finalists and you feel as if it was all within touching distance when it's just snatched away.
My worst moment was stood on the Holte End losing to a last minute goal off a corner off Tommy Booth''s knee v Man City in a different century!
I have never felt so empty before or since. Admittedly the FA Cup was more of a trophy then.

Losing to Villa was hard for this young boy. Brian Little crushed my pounding heart. I can still see the passion on Mike Lyons face when he pulled us back into the game... if we had more with his commitment it would be good. I agree semi's are no man's land wereas in a final you were there til the end.

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