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Author Topic: Can't argue with this  (Read 3279 times)

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Re: Can't argue with this
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I was a young lad back then, went to my first game that season in the gwladys and it scared the shit out of me, sat on one of the bars with my arl fella behind me.

Arl fella and uncles went to every game that year, home and away, they always talk about it, they got booted out at Fotuna Sittard for smuggling ale into the ground. Went to the FA cup final without any tickets and still got in, just gave the fella on the turnstile a tenner. The Bayern Munich game still gives me goosebumps. Would love to be my age now back then

Oh that brings it back Macca.Used the same method as your arl fella and uncles to get in to the milk cup final in 84,the fa cup final 84 and 85(had a ticket in 86) semi finals 85 and 86 though got caught by a copper in the latter,had all my details taken then thrown out with only 5 mins to the start away,and still got in up the witton end to see the kick off.As if to emphasise the point the report was making,whenever iv'e told the story of me getting caught at villa park trying to get in without a ticket to younger lads,they all ask why didn't you just watch it in a pub?They have no idea that these games were not shown live on the box.

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