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Re: Artmosphere/Flags
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I’m all for this type of initiative. As a STH the atmosphere is poor and I get fed up with ‘the Old Lady under floodlights’ scenario and this ‘bear pit atmosphere’ that won Everton the game. I did feel it in the past and ok by memory against Bayern it was special and Fiorentina was a good night.... although we lost and yes on a number of occasions since but in recent years it’s a no!
Yes times have gone on but you don’t come out the Ground ‘buzzing’. This year maybe Watford and West Ham but more of relief then anything! Yes we can say we’ll look at the dross we have been served blah blah... but if something can be started why not?
I’m not into the Happy clapper things but for atmosphere in the Prem I would say it works for Leicester and Huddersfield create atmosphere (ok the cynical ones would say they have just been promoted) and Palace are always game. I’m fully behind it but unfortunately in our fanbase there will have to be a big culture change for it to work at Home Games. Don’t go to Aways anymore but as we have only won twice in the last year I can understand why they have nothing to shout about!

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