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Author Topic: Artmosphere/Flags  (Read 4475 times)

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Re: Artmosphere/Flags
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Having grown up through the "singing pop songs" in the late 60's.....
Singing supporting your team songs in the 70's
Singing the hate your opponents, team, fans and everyone... hooligan songs of the 80's
into the cool 90's and PC brigade 2000's....

i think the "whole people culture change" is the biggest "problem" with poor atmosphere's now at most grounds....having followed the blues away to practically every ground in the country and most abroad too...i have always recently (past 20 years) felt the away games atmosphere was always better than the home games....

everyones scared nowadays of offending someone or something......without being prosecuted, fined, banned, club fines etc from grounds....

with regards to the team should lift the supporters.... the catch 22 argument is exactly that in reverse

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