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Author Topic: Watford v Everton  (Read 13941 times)

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Re: Watford v Everton
« on: February 25, 2018, 01:40:47 AM »
In the 51 years I have followed Everton, I doubt there are more than a handful of occasions I've not gone out my way to watch / listen or at the very least get the result as the whistle blows, must be well over 2,500 matches ..........and that was the same today, poor stream, another window open for here, another for BBC sport.... delusionally smashing fuck out the F5 in the vain hope that we might score.

What's changed for me this season though is I'm sat here, not surprised at the score / performance, not angry, not disappointed, not blaming luck, the ref, the lino, in fact none of the things that make you a football fan are happening for me just now.

I want  my Everton back.

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