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Author Topic: Watford v Everton  (Read 14406 times)

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Re: Watford v Everton
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:40:30 AM »
It's ok, it's all the players faults.

Not sure on the 'Will Keane' comment, whether that's a BBC typo or he genuinely called him that.

Everton manager Sam Allardyce speaking to MOTD:

On the goal: It's only our fault. It could've been avoided quite easily. There was hesitation between Wayne Rooney and Cuco Martina in the build up to the goal, and if you give Troy Deeney that much room in the box, he generally he scores.

On the result: It looked like a well-deserved draw, so bitterly disappointing result. In the final third we didn't cause them any problems.

When you get chances like Will Keane's from three yards out and you don't score you know it's not your day.

On their performance: The players have to take more responsibility and say to themselves "If we can't win, don't lose the game'. And it wasn't great play from Watford for the goal, it was our poor defending. We let Watford get at us and they full capitalised.
Create a chance for Keane?
Pretty much an up and under

Genuinely give up on anyone who thinks this is the future for Everton

If you give Deeney the room.... First goal in open play all season

Well earned draw but we didn't hurt them.... What did we earn then

I'm sorry, he simply needs to go... Now
Simply simply lovely

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