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Author Topic: Points come end of season  (Read 6215 times)

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Re: Points come end of season
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:06:25 AM »
We’ve absolutely confirmed our place as right in the middle of it. Last 4 years will be 11th / 11th / 7th / probably 11th.

We’re fucking shite and all over the place.

I think 11th is pretty optimistic, man.

We are definitely getting done over by the shite and City, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose to Stoke, Swansea, and Huddersfield.

Two wins and a draw in the Brighton, Newcastle, and Southampton home games are essential, I feel.

Even when we were blowing each other all over this site when we were signing the players in the summer I wasn’t anywhere near convinced that we had enough to maintain Top 7, let alone break into the Top 6.

Right now I would be made up with top half.
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