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Re: Pienaar
« on: March 01, 2018, 12:34:06 PM »
One of my favourite players. Was gutted when we lost him to Spurs and he never came back the same player.

That goal against Arsenal was golden. One of my favourite Everton goals.
Often see people say that he wasnít the same when he came back.

But I think thatís partly the natural thing where you donít remember the mundane from the previous time and also partly because it seemed most obvious that our up turn in form from jan 11 was due to Jelavic.

But on an individual level he actually scored a few goals in the second half of 11/12 (including one in beating Chelsea).

And on a team level we also went from being painfully turgid to watch to almost instantly being a team that played good football again (see him being cup tied for the Lípool semi as an impact the other way).

Itís also no coincidence that we havenít really played that much good stuff after the point where he got injured towards the end of 13/14 either.

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