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Author Topic: Our Youngsters  (Read 9871 times)

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Re: Our Youngsters
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:35:34 AM »
Lookman and Davies both with massive potential, Davies is a ballsy little snide who reads the game well beyond his years. From the little flashes of brilliance I've seen and  if handled in the right way Lookman could be scarily good, the type of player we've been craving for years.

IF DCL can work on his finishing he'll be a very useful squad player, Holgate just needs to fill out and mature a little.

Very disappointed not to have seen more of Vlasic, been harshly treated by both our managers this season imo. Like what I've seen in parts but needs more time to show what he is capable of.

JJK again a very useful squad player, pity he hasn't got a touch more pace as this is must for any modern day FB.

I love the camaraderie there seems to be between all our young lads, anything kicks of during a game and they're all steaming in to back each other up.

It's a crying shame none of these lads have had the opportunity to play within a stable and cohesive team, given time to settle and develop their games. Instead they've had undue pressure and expectancy heaped upon them, only to be been written of by many  when they don't perform as world beaters week after week and solve all our problems. All this whilst our so called senior players fucking hide and pass the buck.

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