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Re: Our Youngsters
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Onyekuru might never get a work permit.

Davies has a knack of making things happen, he drives the team forward. That's a great ability to have. Still lots to do but the signs are good.

DCL looks like someone who will make a decent career as the #2 striker in a midtable PL team. A Troy Deeney type, if you will. He's still young but he needs to improve his finishing drastically to go beyond that.

Holgate has looked good in his outings but frankly in that defence it doesn't take much so the jury's out.

Kenny, too, looks a decent prospect but it was easy to see how far he's still to go when Coleman was back. Still, an attacking fullback or wing-back position in the PL is definitely doable. It's more a question of the level within.

Baningime is impossible to judge. Anyone can look good replacing Schneiderlin. He looked decent but that's about it.

Lookkman's problem is he doesn't really fit into many roles. In that sense a lot like Deulofeu, neither can defend so they have to play as wide forwards rather than midfielders. Needs to improve decision making and off-the-ball play considerably if he is to cash in on his strengths. He's no Neymar with the ball so that alone just isn't enough at this level.

Dowell has all the signs of a lower league cult player. Scores wondergoals but overall contribution is not enough for this level.

Vlasic's defensive contribution is on par with Lookman but his decision making is better with the ball and he's obviously more physical which also helps. This means he can also play centrally in the #10 role which gives more options.

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