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Re: Our Youngsters
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Iím really missing what the DCL not being very good crowd at on about. I think heís got some attributes way beyond his years and level of experience should have.

Hate to compare to Harry Kane, but that guy couldnít buy a goal until a few years ago. Heís just a recent example, Iím 100% certain that goals scorers donít set the league alight in their teens. Theyíre the exception to the rule.

Harry Kane is a huge rarity going from where he was to where he did in such a quick time as in about 10 career goals at Dcls age now to 30+ the following season. The challenge for dcl is he doesnít look a major threat with goals. Heís played quite a lot of games but I couldnít say what kind of finisher he is, if he has a hard shot, decent shot with his left foot etc because he seems to barely have efforts on goal when he plays.

He has a lot of good attributes and must take instructions well for managers to use him as much as they have and trust him in unnatural positions to a job off the ball. So if he gets stronger and develops with the experience he will get he could become a useful forward even without goals like teams have from people like Okazaki. If he doesnít develop and become a good focal point and and doesnít add goals in he wonít make it at this level. But itís just whether goal instincts can be developed, movement around the box or how good a finisher he is but that will come down to the level of coaching as well.

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