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Author Topic: Our Youngsters  (Read 9968 times)

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Re: Our Youngsters
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:23:46 PM »
I take it you wear the same glasses as your avatar if you need me to point them out . Fine he is young and can only get better . Cool ? Chill out its not like I have offended your Mrs or something . Its like fucking North Korea on here if you say anything negative about certain players . Just agree to disagree eh .

Nope, you offered an opinion on a player and I'm responding.

You've said he's making the same mistake all the time, I don't see that, so what mistakes are you talking about?

Thing is though, he's 24, way off a goalkeepers peak, are you expecting him to not make any mistakes?

Personally think considering the shit show that's infront of him he's probably been one of our most impressive players and his potential is huge.

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