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Author Topic: What to do with our current squad  (Read 40181 times)

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What to do with our current squad
« on: March 07, 2018, 06:33:36 AM »
I agree at the moment, but I think Holgate and Keane for the future was the plan (God, I hope there was a plan !!) and in the long term should still be.

As much as I am not a fan of a back 3 I would like to see Keane, Jags, Holgate for the last few games. Let Jags coach them positioning, how to read the game and hopefully build their confidence in real game situations. We have to be looking at the future, as we can't afford another summer and start of the season like this.

The only way a back 3 would work for us is if Baines and Coleman were fit to play fullback, and Ashley Williams evaporated.

Those who would sell Sigurdson are a bit mad, he's such a good player. He's got all the qualities to play at the tip of a midfield 3. For the goal against Burnley he won the ball, played a one-two, then played it out wide to Walcott. If anything I feel a bit sorry for him in this team.

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