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Author Topic: What to do with our current squad  (Read 45053 times)

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Re: What to do with our current squad
« on: June 15, 2018, 04:29:01 AM »
4-2-3-1 isn't a version of 4-3-3, its a completely different way of setting up.

I'm sick of having to play 2 defensive midfielders because we don't have 1 who can do everything required.  We had to play McCarthy and then Gana because Barry couldn't run.  We had to play Barry because the other 2 can't pass forwards.  Then we replaced Barry with Schneiderlin, but he never really fit in because with someone who could run along side him there seemed to be some crazy idea that Gana could be utilised further forward, even though he can't pass and offers nothing offensively, and it meant he wasn't there defensively.  Schneiderlin was left exposed by Gana's forays, and just didn't seem to fancy anything but strolling around fouling people.

It seems mental to think given how well he started, but Gana in the starting XI means we're weakening somewhere else to cover his limitations.  At this point I want to apologise to whoever it was who 18 months ago called it that we'd need to replace him if we wanted to crack the top 4.  If he has a good World Cup then i'd genuinely be okay with him moving on and us looking to invest in a more rounded midfielder(Not in the Tom Huddlestone way).

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