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Author Topic: Everton v Brighton  (Read 13991 times)

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Re: Everton v Brighton
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Funes Mori - he's shit hot on YouTube like!

The first thing on here is a really good free kick - which tbh I didn't know he had in his locker. Maybe it got thrown out with Niasse's locker  :)

Anyway - if you're bored of seeing loads of headers - just go to 2.50 in the vid and watch his stuff against Brazil.

Or 3.46 where he wins back possession, nutmegs Neymar and starts a give and go that he follows all the way into the Brazil box where he nearly gets on the end of the cross from the move he started.

He's genuinely not awful. He just doesn't show the good stuff often enough.

If there was a highlights reel of my playing career, admittedly Saturday league but at a decent standard, I reckon I'd look pretty decent in a nice montage and might get a trial out of it based on the best of my best bits. Truth is I was a bit shit really compared to a lot of my peers but you get my point....

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