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Author Topic: Kenwright to step down this month  (Read 6340 times)

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Re: Kenwright to step down this month
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:16:49 AM »
I see the happy clapping “be careful what you wish for” brigade are poking heads above the parapet here.

The man has overseen the least successful period in our clubs history. He has taken the club to a point we’re we had to sell a fringe player to relay the pitch. He got into a position where phil green basically controlled our club. He let his ego fuck up the chance to have a stadium in the kings dock which we would have been in almost ten years with all that lovely extra revenue. He tried desperately to rip this club from the city of Liverpool.

He has basically bought a company in a readonable position, ran it to a point were extinction was a real fear then (and fair play to him for this) sold it for a ridiculous profit. He got lucky because of the TV deals not his own corporate ability. Our fans have let this buffoon get away with murder, actively supported him even, yet call moshiri a fraud because he hasn’t built the stadium yet.
The day he goes I will be happy and excited for the future.
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