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Re: Kieran Tierney
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They are mid-table Championship at best. No bigger than Leeds for example. Being a big fish in a very small pond. Everton would be a great stepping stone for him to be fair. IF we did well and ended up challenging for CL and maybe even getting CL then that may be at his eventual level. If we didnt challenge, yet he was playing above our current level, maybe like a Lukaku, then he would leave us for big money - win win tbh, but lets hope its the former rather than the latter if he was to join us.

There so much gossip and shit flying around, that god knows what movement we have made for him and others, but if the rumours are to be believd, and these 3 defenders in - excellent left back, excellent centre back and a young but fairly experienced ball playing defender that can cover both - thats a huge step forward for us with RFM gone and Williams fooked and seemingly on his way IF the moves happen. The problem being, this is Everton, so I'm just preparing myself for the disappointment on the yellow Sky Sports Breaking News Bar :D

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