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Author Topic: Kieran Tierney  (Read 31478 times)

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Re: Kieran Tierney
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:37:21 AM »
And I agree the squad does need trimming, aging players, and to be honest quite a bit of the players not deemed good enough that we bought last year. To date we have got a few off the wage bill, but how long do we have to wait for urgently needed signings,in left back / centre half and midfield areas ? Why can't we sell after we've bought their replacements, then the players would know for certain there's no future here. Not panicking at all as yet, but the clock is ticking.

Getting shut of someone one £100k pw won’t be that easy, especially if we want a decent fee.

We should be trying to maximise all we can get from those players we want to leave too.

Plus we all know that you can make a signing in a matter of hours when the deadline is approaching.

Not ideal but we’re a week into preseason.

And maybe there are some players who Silva isn’t sure about but would like a closer look at. They may influence who is let go.

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