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Author Topic: Bid rejected for Lookman  (Read 68742 times)

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Re: Bid rejected for Lookman
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:31:59 PM »
Yes, we should be patient while he engineers a move away from the club.

We’ve seen it before, been the other club as well, with more senior players and got past it. Think most acknowledge he’s a talented lad with a lot of potential, why wouldn’t you want to see him do well in blue?

Not like hes disappeared off on holiday and refusing to train or something.

Think our fingers got burnt with Ross tbh ....so we now have little or no time for people who don't wanna be here ...although we dont know the full story on Mola its not looking good after what Marco is saying.

Don’t think Silva has said much though has he? All I’ve read is he’s our player and staying, pretty standard stuff for a player linked with a move away really.
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