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Author Topic: Goodison for Gomes?  (Read 122833 times)

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Re: Goodison for Gomes?
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'Again' knowing the basic laws of the game (condescending git)I  lnever fucking said it was a conspiracy against Everton or that Salah should be banned ....he should've been booked yet again for simulation though ...and yes the top six do still get preferential treatment ...if you dont see that your watching the wrong sport maybe rounders would suit you better .

I think thereís a decent argument to be made that the top 6 get an advantage in terms of on the pitch decisions, not a full on conspiracy but probably an unconscious bias.

I donít see the same on post-game reviews on incidents, the deciding factor there is whether the ref on the day saw it or not. Itís a ridiculous rule though, and they should definitely be able to retrospectively upgrade a yellow to a red of the referee didnít realise how bad the challenge was (like Jorginho on Sig earlier this year).

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