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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 166792 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:55:12 PM »
you see, i don't really think it has. I think there was a concerted PR effort to make it look like we had a bag-of-shit squad.
But we've only added one player and looked an order of magnitude better all over the pitch.

Worst CF options in the league last year imo, until we brought Cenk in. Every other side had a forward that would have got in ahead of ours.

Easily a relegation back four started the year, Kenny, Keane, Williams, Cuco - just dreadful dreadful dreadful.

Just the balance of the side and the top and bottom heavy age spread as well, minutes going to players too old AND too young, trying to bed players in with a total circus going on and getting pumped in every competition going both home and away.... just a nightmare.
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