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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 103840 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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All the players Silva/Brands signed, have been more than promising. It's what we've been craving for. Digne is a really solid, quality left back and the early signs are, he's a fantastic replacement for Baines. You can see why Barcelona had him on the books. Richarlison maybe;  is going to turn out better than Lukaku, or somewhere in that area, as he's 21 atm and is about to come into his early peak. Bernard made me sit up and take notice everytime I've seen him play for Brazil and due to being out the way in Russia, has maybe stagnated his career a little, but I'm sure he will come good. Gomes, I know very little about, but once again, if Barcelona have him on the books! Then there's Mina, out since we bought him, ex barcelona and a buy back clause inserted. Shows they were unsure whether to let him go or not. Zouma is a decent loan. Three have played and impressed, up to a point, with Richarlison being the most impressive. Our defence is shipping goals due to absent defenders. It will ease. The disappointing thing is; we've missed an opportunity to pick up points against less than tough opposition. Suspended players and some newcomers are still to come. We just need our luck to change. The last two games have been abysmal, but their are reasons that can be pointed out, as to why.
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