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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 171012 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:41:09 AM »
If Silva hadn’t have been sacked by Watford, who plainly didn’t want to deal with us after turning down a record compensation package, what was the alternative? Keep Allardyce for another year?

I’m happy Silvas here, I’ve always liked to see us playing attacking football the type his teams play. But I’m sure you’ll agree they’re polar opposites as manager and the idea we made him the highest paid manager in the world ever and then gave him £50m to spend for a six month job doesn’t fit for me. Looks like terrible planning whichever way you look at it, especially considering Silva doesn’t really fancy Tosun and Walcott pushing on like you’ve said yourself.

We would have got him in the summer.  Yes they played hardball mid-season but there's no way it wouldn't have happened in the summer if he'd continued to make it clear he wanted to leave.  We didn't get lucky that he was sacked, it was an irrelevance.

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