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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 194371 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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The exuberance of youth. While you are right in that it could've cost us it was also, to me, pleasing to see that we are going to go for it. The best teams in any sport never settle for anything other than going for it. We're not there yet but that mentality is one that wil grow the more successful we become. I always think of Japan v SA at the last Rugby World Cup. Losing by three points they get a penalty last play of the game in front of the posts. Nobody gave them a chance of being within 30 points of SA. Instead of going for the draw they went for the lineout, scored the try and created the greatest  result in Japanese rugby history - maybe even in their sporting history. Be bold.

God, I didn't come down from the roof for ages after that. Fuck me.
I tend not to care about sport other than Everton and England in Union.
But that day, Jesus, I'd have got a rising sun tattoo I was so proud of them.
Pure, unadulterated drama. Everything sport should be that day. Fuck your money. Fuck your stats. Fuck counting points and doing sums.
Win the game you're playing.

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