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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 184886 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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Sorry, my post did seem a bit daft. I wasn't meaning to suggest they are ignoring the holes and weren't working on them. And I think the more stats you can come up with the better. But basically It just seems to me a lot of these analytical guys are putting the cart before the horse in a lot of their work. It's not a race to see who invented it all.

I really don't see these types of stats working in any other team sport than baseball either as baseball is a very individual team sport. Meaning it doesn't really matter who you play with, what system you play in, etc. etc. It's all down to you when you're up to bat trying to hit that ball, or trying to catch the ball. You could put Mike Trout(best player in baseball) on the worst team and he'd have basically the same numbers. I don't think you could say that for any other sport.

I know what you mean, but the world has moved on from moneyball. It really, really has and I can tell you for a fact that teams are finding angles and making progress based on statistical work like this, and have been for a decade or more.

PSG are signed to Statsbomb. Liverpool have an advanced analytics department and use it heavily in scouting which is v.clearly paying off. City have been using it since Mancini and beyond. Almost every team in the top flight is, much like almost every shop you visit online or walk through the door is - what matters is the level of buy-in and joined up thinking across heads of departments.

Nobody is saying it runs football, but denying its value and importance at this point is starting to look like staring facts in the face imo.
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