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Author Topic: Silvas Playbook  (Read 166218 times)

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Re: Silvas Playbook
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:33:29 AM »
Doh! I posted that back in the day as well, haha

So, how are we currently playing differently to that? (Im not playing devils advocate, btw, I just want your more forensic take on it)

Im terrible with stuff like this, but as far as I can tell Gylfi is pushing much further up than say cleverley was. He doesnt get involved unless its on the break or up on the edge of the box.

Where he had cleverley switching play hes now got Gomes and the CBs. Keane, Zouma and Mina are probably all better ball players than the watford lot so not a massive issue like, but Gomes instead of being a vertical runner like Docoure who wants to get on the end of build up and score or assist by passing into the box, plays for me more like a Schneiderlin type six and tries to switch play out of trouble rather than intently building overloads then switching to the other side

Away against the big sides weve sat in a rigid 442 and tried to break (which fits what Id heard his sides were like - olympiakos fans used to say hed rather win the ball back than have it I think?), but at home I personally think it looks sort of unbalanced and top heavy, relying on crosses, but then leaving the opp with one or two passes to get in against a back line that are on their heels, and people are scoring lots of breaks + cutbacks against us, which I think was picked out by the statsbomb article pre season :


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