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Author Topic: Silvaís Playbook  (Read 194122 times)

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Re: Silvaís Playbook
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:24:01 PM »
Iím just content when we win. We were great against Burnley. Watched Watford too that was shite

Surely the truth is this really isnít any more entertaining than last season if you remove the 2 or 3 exceptions and thatís with investment and results are worse.

Do you not agree this is far from good enough and thereís been very few good performances

Watched Liverpool too that was quite good until the end. Thereís really not been much to be happy about this season

I donít know why you keep going on about investment. Brands was tasked with the job of reducing the wage bill.

Weíve spent big transfer fees on players but they were only allowed to come in at the expense of players going out.

Brands and silva inherited a very unbalanced, ageing squad and had the tenor of reducing the wage bill, reducing the age, whilst also improving the quality of the players.

Itís not a remit that brings immediate results. Adding six players alone brings its own problems and the manager needs time to find the right blend.

Iím not interested in comparing this season to the one just gone. We were a complete irrelevance, treading water waiting for the season to end and start a completley new process.

Results could and should be better, but when you take over a team that has finished 11th, 11th, 7th and 8th over the last four season I fail to see why people expect anything much better.

If results are the same this time next season and we find ourselves in the same position, then thatís the time to ask serious questions.

Until then, give the manager time to work out the squad, find the right blend of players and bring in some more to hopefully improve us as a unit.

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