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Author Topic: Silvaís Playbook  (Read 127519 times)

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Re: Silvaís Playbook
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Gana isn't the issue. He has two players in midfield with him who don't create much or do anything with the ball to create any forward momentum. Granted he'll need replacing soon and if a decent offer came in we should take and move on but to single him out as the weak link in the side isn't accurate.

I canít believe that anyone thinks gueye is the problem in a midfield 3 including Gomes and sigurdsson. The other 2 donít do enough of anything and gueye is being singled out for only being great at parts of the game

Other 2 donít tackle at all. Donít create much and donít even seem to want the ball as much as gueye

Odd that the only 1 thatís defensive is singled out when we have problems creating

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