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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 128974 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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I’m not sure all the talks about long term project and plenty of time for Silva are true to be honest. It’s possible appointing Brands means quite the opposite. It’s easier now to get rid of the manager without destroying the team and find someone who would work more efficiently with the players DOF has bought.

Moshiri is no mug and can be ruthless. No one is calling for Silva’s head at the moment except a few half-witted individuals on Twitter, but if he won’t show real signs of progress until the end of the season he’ll be in trouble.

I think this is key and why it wouldn’t surprise me to see some sort of clauses inserted into any new managers contracts, post Brands, which means we don’t end up with a huge financial outlay and complete upheaval should Silva depart within 18 months.

Brands is buying younger, talented players and carrying out a long term project for the club. Silva is more of a Head Coach whose job it is to make the best of the talent he is provided and, whilst obviously getting a say into who they are, the final decision rests with Brands.

If Silva can’t get a consistent tune out out of them after another two rounds of transfers then he deserves to go quite frankly.

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