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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 198658 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
« on: May 04, 2019, 04:57:16 AM »
How fsr would you have to go back to find an everton manager who's team went 6 months without conceding at home in the lesgue?

Not just that but 9/11 clean sheets since the break is very good.

Not too tough aways but certainly games where we could have conceded set plays. 

Small point but noticed in second half there was an attempted pass over the top from deep that their CB headed back into midfield.

Silva was waving madly that the back 4 plus CMs should have been a lot more aggressive in following the pass and on top of the ball that dropped down.

Small detail but indicative of what we’re actually trying to do.

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