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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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Some positives and negatives (from my perspective) so far -

- Excellent home record developing. Good way to build a season, take pressure off the manager and the team and keep the ST holders sweet is to keep that record going.
- New players contributing in various positive ways.
- Feels like we have a lot more options in the attacking part of the pitch to impact games.
- 7 goals in a few days answers some of the issues that people had with goals/chance creation.
- Excellent mentality in terms of bouncing back from a couple of setbacks quickly (same with Lincoln in midweek(

- Still too insistent on overloading in wide areas (for me).
- Too slow with substitutions at times, when it feels obvious that a change or two is necessary.
- Team is still a bit reactive rather than proactive for me. Today's game was a chance to go and get that third goal and kill it, and we didn't do that enough, which left us open to a set piece or throw in.
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