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Re: Silva’s Playbook
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Do you really? Personally I don’t give a fuck how much we sale players for, I’m only interested in watching the best team possible. We sold Lukaku for 80ish million and spent a large chunk of that and got nothing to date, i know what I’d rather have now and it wouldn’t be the money. it’s all good selling players, but it’s another to bring in adequate replacements to push up the table

Well, you probably should give a fuck, because our finances aren’t infinite, and this isn’t Football Manager. Getting mainly prime age players that aren’t elite (because they wouldn’t come to us) on big wages, would sink us.

The main problem with the Lukaku fee was who was spending it: your mate Koeman, and Walsh. They spent that £80m on Sigurdsson, Keane, Sandro, and Klaassen. Pickford was a good buy, though.
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