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Author Topic: Silvaís Playbook  (Read 199610 times)

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Re: Silvaís Playbook
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Heís got 3/4 games before I make a decision on it I want him to stay or go.

In his defence, he stated all window he wanted a CB. He wasnít given one. Left with 2 defenders who canít play together. Same with the Rom issue aswell. Since he went, season after season managers have said we needed a replacement and it never came. I know itís very mush a grasp at straws but I honestly donít think thereís many who can come in and sort this team.

Is the defence the real problem though, my issue is the clueless play in the final third. We look terrible going forward, and if we are chasing a game his only tactic is throw more forwards on, since when has that ever worked? It's 4-2-3-1, 3-2-5 or 4-3-4 non are working with the personal we have. I think Gueye papered over many cracks in those formations.
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