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Re: Silvaís Playbook
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So you are in favour of sacking him regardless of the situation that will leave us in. I remember when we sacked Koeman early season and the poll on here had the likes of Anchelotti getting a load of votes. We need to face reality, we will just be looking for another miracle from the arse end of the Premier League or a bloke with an inflated record from a tin pot league.
Sacking him looks likely so we may as well time it to our advantage.

Honestly Iím not really arsed. Heís useless but it appears so are the people who appoint the managers too.

Iím quite indifferent (almost said happy) for him to see out the last
2 years of his contract now and we can start the process again then.

Does anything think heíll survive past this contract? I think any chance of a contract renewal has gone now. We are just killing time til heís gone. Iíve no problem with it being in 2 years so we arenít paying 4 useless managers at once

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