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Author Topic: Silva’s Playbook  (Read 226584 times)

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Re: Silva’s Playbook
« on: November 08, 2019, 10:19:53 PM »
It's more than just points though. We showed against West Ham that we can play well and with a decent intensity, the Brighton game we didn't play great but if that VAR goes our way there's a good chance we win that, our first come from behind win under Silva, then we beat Watford in the cup. Suddenly we're three wins on the bounce with one goal conceded and a monkey off our back, we go in to yesterday's game with a totally different mentality and confidence. We lost a goal yesterday to a poor individual mistake and got done by VAR again, while trying to get back into a match having watched a team mate sustain a horror injury. We can be critical of Silva and rightly so but he's made a lot of the changes people wanted but things outside of his control in the last two league games have prevented us building any momentum and confidence.

All fair points but I feel as if we've been doing this all season. Making what seem to be valid arguments on individual games and conflating that into a bigger picture that indicate things aren't so bad. However we're still not winning football matches or picking up many points.

Like someone said, not only is he an average manager but he's also a very unlucky one which isn't a good combination. Everything he's trying isn't coming off for a variety of reasons.

It's clearly not ideal to change your manager this early into the season and especially if your long term choice isn't available but how much longer can we limp along at a point a game before the warning light comes on.

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