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Author Topic: 2018-19 International Blues I  (Read 23907 times)

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Re: 2018-19 International Blues I
« on: November 17, 2018, 02:36:48 PM »
Anyone who didn't see Richarlison for Brazil. He had 25 minutes, missed a fairly decent/easy chance, but made a big difference to their pace and seemed to improve their attacking options for the time he was on. Any money we've spent on messing about with managers will be covered by the money we make when Richarlison moves on. I should imagine any extras in his transfer fee will be activated, as he's an absolute bargain at 50 mill. Once again, you can rely on the opposite of what Paul Merson spews out. Silvas' probably covered his wages already. "He's a much better player than I thought".
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