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Author Topic: Laugh along with those loveable Reds...  (Read 405103 times)

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Re: Laugh along with those loveable Reds...
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:26:03 PM »
What is this obsession with the shite .........
<<< Michael Flynn is dreaming of a trip to Anfield in the fourth round of the FA Cup after Newport County stunned Leeds.
"I would love Liverpool at Anfield; that would be the dream for me being a Liverpool fan," said manager Flynn.>>>
.............wouldn't his team rather have a home tie ?

There is a huge Liverpool fan case in South Wales. There is even a Kop Shop in Newport. Flynn is an ex pupil of our school. He's due into speak to the kids in the next few weeks. I tell him what a wanker he is
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