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Author Topic: Ashley Williams  (Read 19653 times)

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Re: Ashley Williams
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Like I say I can't stand fanny antics but your mate deserved to go down end of .

i gave evidence in that trial. Dirtiest game I have ever played in. Canton turned up with the intention of doing nothing but fighting. They couldn't live with us as a rugby team. He was only on the pitch as a substitute for me. I got gouged in the first half and twatted from behind at a ruck. I was taken off to stop myself getting sent off as I'd had the coward who hit me by the throat and would have probably killed him. My mate was involved in a scuffle. He was tackled off the ball and the guy jumped on top of him and rained down punches. It took three of us to drag him off. As he walked off he ran back at Him and shouted 'Hve some more of this you fat cunt!' He hit him. It was just one of those punches that connected too perfectly. Sickening sound when it happened. He was devastated but the guy actually apologises to Paul and said that he deserved it as he was the antagonist. The trial was really bad, some of the stuff that was given as evidence was just pure lies. Don't get me wrong though  he did deserve to go down.
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